Research Consultation Services Request

A quick stop by the Reference Desk can be helpful, but sometimes you can benefit from a one-on-one meeting with a reference librarian to help guide you through research projects such as term papers, oral presentations and literature reviews.

Using the research consultation request form below, you can schedule approximately 30 minutes of undivided attention from a reference librarian, focused strictly on your information need or research topic. Appointments are typically made to address the following needs:

  • Getting started on a research project (i.e., identifying a topic, developing a search strategy, discovering the appropriate databases and other research tools)
  • Identifying research materials inside and outside of the library
  • Evaluating the relevance and usefulness of selected research materials
  • Using library services and collections such as Special Collections and Government Documents
  • Working with equipment such as the microform readers

Reference & Instruction Staff

Pam Williams, Associate Director of User Services
Seán Henry, Coordinator of Library Instruction, Web Development
Theresa Mastrodonato, Reference and Instruction
Lisa Hartman, Reference and Government Documents

Personal Information

Information About Assignment or Research Need

Describe your assignment or research need, including the type of material you need to use (e.g., newspapers, scholarly journals, websites, etc.

Additionally describe any resources you have consulted on your topic

Please suggest 2 or 3 days and times for us to schedule a meeting with you. (for example: Monday, 2/21/14 at 10:30 pm or Friday, 2/25/14 after 10:00 am)