Bobcat Bound Day Academic Interest Form

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Bobcat Bound Day Academic Interest Form

Welcome to FSU! Please complete this survey to help us learn more about you. The Academic Advising Team will consider your feedback about interests and strengths as we build your first-semester course schedule. You will have the opportunity to talk more with an advisor at a Bobcat Bound Day. If you have questions, please contact The Center for Academic Advising & Retention at or (301) 687-3404.

In order to receive a schedule at the Bobcat Bound Day you attend, please be sure that Frostburg State has received your high school transcript at least a week before the Bobcat Bound Day you plan to attend.

General Information

-These degrees can prepare you for possible careers in areas such as : Research & Development, Food Science, Agriculture, Naturalist, Wildlife Biology, Engineering, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Sustainability, Earth Science, Geology, Science/Math Education, etc.

- These degrees can prepare you for possible careers in areas such as: Government, Politics, Law, Writing/Editing/Publishing, Museum Curator, Performing, Counseling, Graphic Design, Art, etc.

- These degrees can prepare you for possible careers in areas such as : Management, Sales, Insurance, Banking, Human Resource Management, Purchasing/Procurement, Accounting, Administrative fields, Facilities Management, Event Planning, Park Ranger, etc. 

- These degrees can prepare you for possible careers in K-12 Teaching, K-12 Administration, Special Education, Day Care Centers/Nursery Schools, Campus, Youth Services, etc.

- These degrees can prepare you for possible careers in areas such as: Nursing, Healthcare, Recreational Therapy, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, etc.

If you choose this pathway, you can take General Education courses that will count for the major you choose in your first year at FSU.

Please review your choices for your major at this link: List of Undergraduate programs offered at FSU

If you are a transfer student with credits from another college or university (not including dual-enrollment or AP credits), please answer 'No'

First Year Students

Skills & Interests:
Please identify some of your career/academic interests as well as questions you have related to finding your major and career pathway. 

Selecting a first-year FSU Connection:
In an FSU Connection, first-year students study a shared theme across a group of courses, enroll with other FSU students who share interests in a major or career, and/or get to know students interested in using certain support services. For example, TRIO/SSS is an educational support program for low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities. Learn more about the FSU Connection options:  FSU Connection options & descriptions, then indicate your preferences below.

List your top three Connections choices.

Anticipated AP & Dual Enrollment Credits:
In the following sections, please indicate any Dual-Enrollment or Advanced Placement (AP) Credits you have already earned or anticipate earning by the end of your high school career. 

Note: Official transcripts from the colleges awarding Dual-Enrollment Credits and official AP Reports from College Board are required to have these credits officially added to your academic record. Inclusion of these courses on this form is for informational purposes only and does not serve as official notice to have these credits added to your academic record; however, it does help us to determine which courses you might already have credit for.
Dual Enrollment Credits

AP Scores

Yes, Spring 2022 or No, Spring 2023

your score (i.e. 4) or "Haven't taken the exam yet"

In your first semester as an FSU Bobcat, you will be working on general education courses that are required of all students, regardless of major. Please indicate which of the following classes you would most like to take in your first semester. (We do our best to choose classes the meet your preferences, but it is not always possible.)

Identify 6 subjects that interest you and number them from 1 to 6, with 1 being most interested and 6 being least interested.
The Fine and Performing Arts:
The Humanities:
The Natural Sciences:
The Social Sciences: