We Want to Hear from You

Have a comment, concern, suggestion, or question? Please always feel free to reach out to your Faculty Senate leadership.


The Faculty Senate represents all full- and part-time FSU faculty. The Faculty Senate’s primary functions include formulating and recommending policies and adopting resolutions concerning:

  1.   Academic programs and curriculum;
  2.   Standards for admission and retention of students;
  3.   Requirements for the granting of academic degrees;
  4.   University planning and budgets;
  5.   Faculty appointment, retention, tenure/permanent status, promotion, retrenchment, and         dismissal;
  6.   The facilitation of faculty development and research;
  7.   Faculty conduct and discipline;
  8.   Academic freedom;
  9.   Faculty benefits, including salaries, insurance, and retirement;
  10.   Academic organization; and
  11.   Other aspects of institutional activity, which may affect the educational atmosphere of the       University.

In an effort to keep the lines of communication open, we welcome any comments, concerns, suggestions, or questions.

 If you desire a direct response, please email us at jlombardi@frostburg.edu or provide your contact information.

No data is collected about respondents unless provided.