FSU Foundation Opportunity Grant Request

Please download and complete the questions in this application prior to completing the online form below. Then return to this page when you are ready to submit your completed application. No paper or emailed applications will be accepted.
Completed applications are due by midnight on March 7, 2021 for grants to be expended between 7/1/21 and 6/30/22.
The FSU Foundation Board reserves a small amount to consider requests that were not submitted by the deadline. These requests are evaluated as they are submitted only if there is a legitimate reason the application could not be made during the regular cycle.

Departments Supported


Note: Students are encouraged to apply, but at least one faculty or staff member is required as a grant requestor.


(Last year approximately $65,623 was awarded. Grants ranged from $160 to $4,000 with a median grant of $2,000. Since this process began in fiscal year 2009, over $1 million has been awarded. Grants have ranged between $120 and $10,000 with a median grant of $2,000.)

(Please give a reason as to why you were unable to meet the request deadline. Note that the only monies you may be eligible for at this time are from the Annual Fund as all the other funding sources have already awarded all they have available for this cycle.)
Requesting from the Annual Fund

Requesting Bowling Family Global Citizen Funds

(Check ALL that apply)
Requesting Al and Dale Boxley Faculty Award/Student Research Award

Requesting J. Frederick Gibralter Regional and Cultural Arts Funds

Requesting Jonathan Gibralter Presidential Leadership Funds for Alchohol Awareness and Education

Requesting Catherine R. Gira Campus to Community Funds (typical award range is $500 to $2,000)

(Check ALL that apply)
Requesting Kim and Marion Leonard Experiential Authentic Leadership Learning Funds

In addition to the Opportunity Grant Application, student applicants shall provide an essay addressing experiences or training he/she has had in this field, as well as how taking a leadership role will further the integration of mind-body-spirit wellness skills in a professional career.

Requesting Woodward and Virginia Pealer Award

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Requesting Martha T. and Ralph M. Race Western History Lecture Funds

Requesting Stephen M. Spahr Student Activism Award

Requesting Marlene Weimer Memorial Scholarly Endeavors Funding (Math Department Only)

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