Sexual Harassment Policy

Recent Supreme Court decisions have brought the issue of sexual harassment into sharper focus in institutions of higher education, which must meet certain standards should a claim of sexual harassment be lodged. It is critical that all employees and students be well informed of our policy and procedures for handling concerns. Your acknowledgment indicates that you have read FSU's policy on sexual harassment and understand your rights and responsibility regarding the policy.
View a copy of the complete policy: FSU PN 1.004: Sexual Harassment (PDF)
  • I have the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment;
  • I have a responsibility not to engage in behaviors that constitute sexual harassment;
  • If I feel I am being harassed, I have the right to communicate this directly to the harasser, a non-involved supervisor, or the Director of the Office of ADA/EEO Compliance; and
  • I have the right and responsibility to report an allegation of harassment on my behalf and any other that I become aware of to the FSU Director of Compliance, ADA/EEO.