Certificate of Security - FSU Users

I do hereby certify that I am aware of State and Federal laws regarding the disclosure of confidential information. Specifically, the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (commonly referred to as the “Buckley Amendment”) bars, with certain exceptions, the disclosure of personally identifiable information from a student's education records without the student’s consent. Further, the State of Maryland has a statute which, among other things, may bar disclosure of certain University records, such as personnel records of University employees. The University has written policies on the disclosure of information from University records and documents, and I understand that I must comply with those policies. I am fully aware of the University of Maryland System Policies on Patents and Copyrights (Section IV, Policy Number IV-3.00 and IV-3.10 respectively) and the Maryland Annotated Code Article 27, Sections 7-302 and 8-606, relating to the illegal access and unauthorized manipulation of data using computer resources, and understand the associated punishments for such criminal actions. I further certify that I have read the Computer Security and Acceptable Use Polices of Frostburg State University. In accordance with these policies, it is understood and agreed that, during the period of time I am authorized to utilize the Information Technology Department capabilities, I will only use the resources of the Information Technology Department of Frostburg State University for purposes that are directly related to my responsibilities as an employee, agent, or invitee of the University. I understand that the UserIDs/Accounts and/or Operator Numbers issued to me as well as the Passwords associated with those UserIDs/Accounts and/or Operator Numbers are confidential, that I agree not to divulge them to others, and that I may be held responsible for their misuse. I do further agree that I will promptly and fully disclose to the Office of Information Technology any breach of security.

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Personal information provided to the Information Technology Department at Frostburg State University via e-mail or forms on our web site will be used to respond to your message and/or to fulfill the stated purpose of the communication. The Information Technology Department will not disclose any information reported in forms submitted to our department unless it is deemed necessary to process your request.